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Building a Delivery Solution for Building Supply Distributors

Posted by TMW Systems on Jul 19, 2018

If you deliver materials for the construction industry, think of how many times you received a phone call from one of your drivers saying that they can’t find the delivery location. Many times these new job sites either have addresses that are faulty within an API or the address doesn’t exist, yet. This delays projects and causes issues for suppliers who have to reroute the truck and postpone future deliveries.

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Propel Your Final Mile Business With Quality Analytics

Posted by TMW Systems on Jun 05, 2018

The final mile of the delivery process may not be the most time-consuming piece in the supply chain, but it is probably the most important. Not only does the service that your company provides need to be completed within a certain time frame, but how the task is done in regard to customer relationships is just as, if not more, valuable.

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Emerging Tech: Driving New Advancements

Posted by TMW Systems on Mar 08, 2018

Nothing in business is certain, especially in one as highly competitive as transportation and logistics. To stay viable, companies must continuously adapt and keep technology current to meet new challenges and opportunities head on.

In 2018 and beyond there will be plenty of both. Here are a few emerging technologies and trends that will likely become part of your playbook during the next year or two. 

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Best of Blogs 2017: The Final Mile

Posted by TMW Systems on Dec 15, 2017

Arguably the Pony Express became a big disruptor in final-mile delivery in 1860. Ditto Amazon in 2017. But is it possible that final-mile delivery is less about disruption and more about streamlined processes, unmatched customer service and showing up on time? Still today, the last leg remains among the more inefficient segments of the supply chain. Are there ways to achieve greater efficiencies? For 2017, TMW experts explored the area of final mile extensively. In case you missed it, here are seven of our most instructive last-mile related blogs:

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Selecting a Final Mile Technology Solution

Posted by TMW Systems on Oct 26, 2017

The increasing popularity of omni-channel distribution and the Uberization of freight has made it increasingly difficult to maintain efficient and profitable final mile operations. You know you need a long-term, scalable solution that helps control every aspect of your last mile, but how do you select the right option for your company’s needs?

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Mastering the Final Mile

Posted by TMW Systems on Oct 17, 2017

In an industry where 60 minutes might make the difference between a positive or mediocre customer experience, where expenses dominate, and where omni-channel sales now account for approximately 30 percent of collective delivery costs, the final mile remains among the more inefficient segments of the supply chain. Once viewed in broad terms as the last step in the standard delivery process, the importance of the final mile with its customer-facing role has grown exponentially and become a key contributor to the macro brand experience. Not long ago, consumers were more than satisfied with 7-to-10-day delivery windows. But today’s on-demand economy has reduced that window to 48 hours (with some consumers seeking 24-hour and even same-day delivery).

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Beyond Amazon Prime Day: Maneuvering Through the Final Mile Challenge

Posted by Brian Larwig on Jul 27, 2017

The internet and the personal computer have changed behavioral patterns, from how people spend their leisure time to how they shop.

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E-Commerce, Omni-Channel Distribution Strategies Simplified

Posted by TMW Systems on Apr 20, 2017

In a February 2015 whitepaper, in which the evolving landscape of the supply-chain within the contemporary market was discussed, global professional services powerhouse Ernst & Young (EY) wrote, To succeed, we believe companies must embed omni-channel into their strategy, transform their supply chain to be truly agile and responsive, and build robust data and analytics capabilities.

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Route Planning Software Refines Final Mile Service

Posted by TMW Systems on Feb 23, 2017

In 2015, forbes.com reported that savvy retailers, focused on developing a fully integrated business model that allows for the greatest convenience to customers, were turning to omnichannel planning: implementing a point-of-sale-through-delivery seamless customer experience via bricks-and-mortar, mobile and online avenues. Today, this trend continues but not without challenges. A January 2017 article from the business intelligence firm l2inc states, “…research reveals that very few brands offer consumers…a shopping experience across all three channels:” the indicators of a truly omnichannel strategy citing mass market giant Target as a successful example.

Data reveals that younger generations – 67% of Millennials and 56% of Gen Xers – prefer to shop online rather than in store, leaving some companies stymied by the costs and complexities of the final mile: the key leg in the hub to last-mile delivery chain of events. Final-mile delivery is the most customer-facing component in this chain. It is also the most likely to adversely affect the consumer’s brand experience for reasons that can include displeasure with shipping costs, inflexible arrival times and no option for next-day delivery.

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How to Integrate Truck Routing Software into Your Workflow in Four Steps

Posted by TMW Systems on Jan 04, 2017


Among the more impressive functions on the market today is scheduling and truck routing software – applications that refine your business model with cost-efficient, service-oriented last mile capabilities. This tool can significantly reduce costs related to delivery, labor and equipment while at the same time improving productivity and guiding your company to more informed business decisions. When searching for final mile software consider these steps:


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