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Building a Delivery Solution for Building Supply Distributors

Posted by TMW Systems on Jul 19, 2018


If you deliver materials for the construction industry, think of how many times you received a phone call from one of your drivers saying that they can’t find the delivery location. Many times these new job sites either have addresses that are faulty within an API or the address doesn’t exist, yet. This delays projects and causes issues for suppliers who have to reroute the truck and postpone future deliveries.This is far too common of a problem for shippers operating in the building supply industry, but they’re not alone. Carriers may encounter similar problems when they’re trying to make deliveries or pickups in rural areas that don’t have specific directions.

Delivery Delays Have Industry-wide Consequences

Too often delivery times are missed due to wrong or unknown addresses. This is a shared, industry-wide problem within transportation and logistics. The geolocations of new construction sites, for example, often don’t exist in the database simply because they are too new. In some instances, delivery drivers may even be told to drop off building materials at an address that is nowhere close to the actual location. Whatever the case...delayed deliveries cost money.

A construction project delayed due to late material deliveries.

This problem multiplies when you have many deliveries at new locations. For example, one truck might have supplies going to two different sites on the same truck. If they can’t unload the supplies at the first drop-off point, then the driver can’t complete the delivery to the second location either, simply because the materials are blocked by the yet undelivered first delivery. The inability to find a location compounds into two angry customers and a frustrated driver when both loads are delayed.

A supplier focused on the needs of their customers must work to keep the orders on-time and accurate — in short, ready when and where their customers need it. While not being able to find a new location is a traditional cause of delivery delays, it is no longer a viable excuse. With multiple deliveries every day, each supplier to a site is critical to the success of the build. Accuracy and timeliness by suppliers is of the utmost importance and poses the greatest risk and benefit to both the supplier and their customer.

 TMW’s Top Logistics Solution for the Building Industry

With multiple deliveries every day, each supplier to a site is critical to the success of the build. Accuracy and timeliness by suppliers is of the utmost importance and poses the greatest risk and benefit to both the supplier and their customer. Being the supplier with deliveries that hit the mark not only improves the success of their customers, but in turn enhances their reputation as a quality supplier.

The TMW Point of Interest (POI) tool meets these crucial needs. Now, TMW customers are able to select new latitude and longitude coordinates to create new addresses within our software for locations too new for their address and street databases. Once the new location is created, you can save it with a unique name so that all of your future deliveries can be sent directly to that pre-set address.

TMW’s Final Mile Point of Interest tool

In older systems, someone would have to manually go in and change the “bad” addresses. They would have to reset the location in the map for each order, which involved dragging the pin to the location, zooming in, readjusting the pin to the location, and zooming in again, and so-on and so-on until the map was zoomed into a street level view and the pin was set in the proper location. It was a time-consuming task, especially if you deliver to different buyers at the same location.

The POI module was developed and is in force with these issues in mind. Users are able to enter specific latitudes and longitudes to create new addresses and saved locations. Additionally, with the saved location, you won’t have to manually fix the address a second time.

But, perhaps the best new feature of the Point of Interest tool is the ability to apply prescriptive analytics to find the right address within the module. When a new order is entered, it might return 100 possible locations. Filter out the possible locations to show only the places you are most likely looking for. For example, the order can be filtered down by ZIP code or city. This will help you save time when looking for your specific delivery location and make creating new locations a lot easier.

The new feature will work within the FinalMile DRtrack solution from TMW. It is designed with ease of use in mind, making the job easier for dispatchers and drivers.

Ready to explore what the TMW Point of Interest tool can do for your business? Contact us today.

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