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How to Integrate Truck Routing Software into Your Workflow in Four Steps

January 04, 2017 by TMW Systems


Among the more impressive functions on the market today is scheduling and truck routing software – applications that refine your business model with cost-efficient, service-oriented last mile capabilities. This tool can significantly reduce costs related to delivery, labor and equipment while at the same time improving productivity and guiding your company to more informed business decisions. When searching for final mile software consider these steps:



Determine Your Immediate Objectives

Is your focus savings? An improved customer experience? Adapting your current shipping model with truck routing software can provide solutions to both these issues. Routing technology not only reduces the possibility of wasted fuel due to poor planning, but also the labor costs associated with scheduling errors and re-routing. Route optimization software lets you better plan and track your deliveries, decreasing the risk of customer dissatisfaction due to lost or delayed shipments.


Recognize the Advances in and Advantages of Technology

JIT and on-time delivery have become central components in the routing and scheduling strategies demanded by today’s marketplace. Although routing software is a unique technology, it can perform seamlessly within the larger framework of a transportation management system, providing data to analyze to further sharpen your business protocols.


integrated truck routing software



Avoid Hesitation

Resistance to technological change is a challenge many employers face from even the most results-driven workforce, which, understandably, may ask who will train us and will my job disappear once this software is in place?

Final mile, truck routing software is an enhancement to existing jobs. It allows people in those jobs to perform more effectively. Make it a requirement that the software provider you work with gives your team access to technical support, troubleshooting and continuing education.


Choose a Sound Routing Solution for Results

Truck routing and route scheduling software will become standard within your daily processes in short order. The outcomes will show you and your team where your business may fall short of the best possible service and will help in future planning, ultimately benefiting your long-range objectives.

For a TMW information sheet on “must-have” features for truck routing software, place FINAL MILE in the subject line and send your company name and mailing address to: [email protected].

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