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E-Commerce, Omni-Channel Distribution Strategies Simplified

April 20, 2017 by TMW Systems

In a February 2015 whitepaper, in which the evolving landscape of the supply-chain within the contemporary market was discussed, global professional services powerhouse Ernst & Young (EY) wrote, To succeed, we believe companies must embed omni-channel into their strategy, transform their supply chain to be truly agile and responsive, and build robust data and analytics capabilities.

Two years later, it’s evident that EY’s premise – that omni-channel sales have revolutionized supply-chain performance – was wholly on target. Vendors, aware that customers now expect a heightened level of point-of-sale-through-delivery experience, strive for immediate product availability bolstered by low-(or no-) cost expedited delivery options.



Heavily influenced by the swift growth of the e-commerce and omni-channel supply chains is the transportation management industry; freight carriers have found themselves rethinking and expanding their services as retailers expect more frequent deliveries with smaller shipments. Last year, business site digitalcommerce360.com reported online sales in the United States are forecasted to reach $523 billion by 2020.

Clearly, being able to operate within established omni-channel distribution parameters is something to which all carriers and logistics service providers should aspire.

Strategies simplified

The rise of omni-channel delivery and distribution means that meticulous route planning is more critical than ever – and multi-stop, multi-order routes become easier to manage and execute when you have solutions in place. What you can do:

1- You’ll want to implement advanced analytics. These will allow you to profitably bid freight and select the most effective transportation modes. These detailed metrics also will shed light on outdated operating practices and demonstrate areas where service needs and profitability can unite.

2-Seek Business intelligence tools for analyzing data; use a solution specifically designed for the transportation industry. These tools deliver both historical and predictive views of strategic decision-making while providing statistics for operating, fuel, driver costs and fleet maintenance.

3- Finally, make sure your data platform includes end-to-end visibility for immediate and accurate status updates of in-transit orders.

With detailed planning and implementation, you’ll have everything you need for total-visibility tracking and monitoring, improved arrival-time accuracy, better customer service and proactive dispatch management rather than reactive crisis management.

Supply chain solutions

TMW Systems routing software refines the supply-chain process for better time and resource use, with advantages that include:

  • Enhanced asset utilization and fewer wasted miles with fleet GPS tracking
  • Real-time visibility into vehicle and trailer locations
  • Consumer engagement from point of purchase through delivery
  • Customized reporting to measure success and identify opportunities
  • Improved service by building routing scenarios that recognize customer delivery preferences
  • Increased driver productivity and satisfaction

Building an omni-channel capability cannot be an afterthought. (EY, 2015)

Businesses committed to meeting the shipping standards determined by today’s marketplace need an advanced transportation management system that can handle multi-stop deliveries and customer expectation, and be adaptable to future omni-channel distribution benchmarks. TMW’s truck route planner software easily integrates with your existing information systems and can be configured to follow your specific business protocols.

Are you interested in learning more about the advanced transportation management systems for omni-channel and last mile delivery models?

If so, you can’t afford to miss the opportunity to download your free copy of our whitepaper, The New Freight Transportation Puzzle.

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